Explanation from the author: Religion and the Bible are important to understand why we explored remote jungles in Papua New Guinea, although they are not a constant subject in the book. This is more a true-life adventure, human interest, and cryptozoology book, with eyewitnesses coming from various cultures and religious backgrounds. Unlike the previous two editions, this third edition does not preach to the reader, pleading for agreement with the religious beliefs of the explorers who searched for living pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea. No, it deals far more with the struggles of eyewitnesses who have encountered what they had previously assumed impossible, modern living pterosaurs that defy misidentification conjectures. And those eyewitnesses, with only a few exceptions, do not express any religious ideas related to what they saw.
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More of the introduction in the book
Apparently a ropen was witnessed on a telephone wire in the backyard of a lady in Lakewood, California, in June of 2012.
Author on an expedition in Papua New Guinea
Second Page of the Introduction
Searching for Ropens and Finding God
Paul Nation, after his extraordinary search on the mainland of Papua New Guinea, was interviewed in Texas by the author, late in 2006.
United States Marine Eskin Kuhn witnessed two “pterodactys” in Cuba, in 1971.