Elaboration from the author: I did not go to Papua New Guinea, in 2004, seeking adventure. A deep explanation of my purposes could not be crammed into the introduction, although the subject of suicide prevention did come up. Pages 43-44 in chapter six—there I explained how a number of suicide tragedies had a place in my decision to go alone to a remote area of the planet, to search for modern pterosaurs. It relates to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Creation in the Old Testament versus popular Western ideas on evolution are not examined in detail in the introduction. Indeed, the book as a whole gives limited space to that deep subject. Yet one idea is introduced here: Don’t ridicule persons just because they carry the label of “young earth creationist.” I extol their accomplishments in this wonderful but strange- appearing branch of cryptozoology. In fact a number of critical beliefs I share with them concerning literal interpretations of the Old Testament.
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First page of the introduction in the book
The author (left) in an interview for a TV show for Canada—Richard Syrett is on the right.
Author on an expedition in Papua New Guinea
Beginning of the Introduction
Searching for Ropens and Finding God — Amazon book page
This is the bridge that an eyewitness drove on in central Arkansas, as a gigantic flying creature flew up from underneath.
Brian Hennessy is another eyewitness of a huge flying creature in New Guinea. His sighting was in 1971.
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