“What can this book do for me?” You can probably best answer that question yourself, after you’ve read the whole book. For the moment, assuming you do not yet have your own copy of this paperback, let me introduce this appendage to the online site, sample pages that mostly show only the top images of many of the pages. See for yourself if you’d like to read this book in its entirety. You’ll have nothing to lose by looking at these images of large portions of the book’s pages. Get the feel for the textual flow and the meat of the subject. See for yourself what this book has to offer before ordering a copy for yourself.
Paperback 6x9 inches 353 pages $17.50 SRP Pub: Apr 18, 2014 written by Jonathan David Whitcomb of Murray, Utah The “Bible of modern pterosaurs” is one description for this nonfiction book.
Copyright 2014  Jonathan David Whitcomb
Understanding the Nature and Purposes of the Book
Get the whole truth. Buy your own copy of Searching for Ropens and Finding God - the revised & enlarged 3rd edition - for enlightenment in the pleasure of your own reading time  NOT FICTION   Really True!
The Baptist missionary James Blume, who is also a plane pilot, has helped in a number of pterosaur expeditions.
U.S.S. Jouett (CG29): many sailors saw a huge “pterodactyl” that flew right over the ship. This was later reported to the two cryptozoologists Garth Guessman and Jonathan Whitcomb.
Back cover of book
Author on an expedition on Umboi Island, PNG
Introduction to the Sample Pages of the Book Searching for Ropens and Finding God
In central Arkansas, an eyewitness saw this huge pterosaur-like creature fly up from under a bridge on which she drove her truck: shocking!
Acknowledgements: “Two citizens of Papua New Guinea made possible my interviews with many eyewitnesses on Umboi Island: Luke Paina and Mark Kau. On the surface, I appeared to have little in common with either one, but we soon became a team . . . in the adventure of searching for ropens, and interviewing the eyewitnesses of that creature, on Umboi Island.”
Second page of the acknowledgements: “Eyewitness testimonies of natives, Australians, and the American veteran Duane Hodgkinson gave us priceless evidence. Reports from other areas of the world later supported our strange theory of modern living pterosaurs, including reported sightings in England, Spain, the Netherlands, various parts of Africa, Singapore, the Philippines, and other countries, from persons of various cultures and beliefs.”
Beginning of Introduction: “Expect answers in this book: why my associates and I traveled to a remote tropical island to search for living pterosaurs and why so few professors have given us any hope that they still live. What about adventures, with danger, failure, and success? Yes, expect those, but I hope my readers will discover more than adventure— a purpose in life—as worthy a purpose as I have found. This is not an instruction manual for finding God, yet I suggest that the spiritual quest gives you the highest reward.”
Second page of Introduction: “If each of us listens more thoughtfully to those with whom we have  disagreed  in the past,  what an accomplishment! This is not a “how to win friends” book, yet I will continue to keep that concept in mind as I write; please keep it in mind as you read. Each of us needs to listen— to learn to listen much better, for some of us.” “Expect to find references to the Biblical fiery flying serpent and the Flood of Noah. . . .”
Beginning of first chapter: “It looked like a dead pterodactyl: not fossil bones but with skin, like it had died recently. Could those creatures, non- extinct, still fly? Although I could not verify the photo was genuine, the idea within that image in a soon-forgotten book would be awakened four decades later, to plunge me into the most dramatic  adventure  of my life:  exploring a remote  tropical  island,  searching for giant living pterosaurs.”
Start of second chapter: “The phone call from Texas surprised me, for my inquiry won a quick response from a friend of Carl Baugh, the ropen investigator Paul Nation. . . . [We planned] a video documentary with footage from two ex- peditions. Selling the videos seemed an ideal way to fund an expedition in 2004 . . .”
Third chapter: “. . . when I received an email from Duane Hodgkinson, I thrilled in his account of a giant flying creature that was clearly unlike any bird or bat. . . By telephone and letter, [he] told me more . . .”
Chapter Four: “. . . I have received many different types of responses . . . [even] being called a downright liar . . . I was simply telling the truth”
Chapter Five: “. . . She rarely sat for long; but one evening, as she leaned over the veranda, gazing at the distant hills . . . a light caught her attention. Why was it below the top of the ridge . . .?”