From the beginning of the fourth chapter: “. . . an Australian lady told me about a flying creature she and her husband . . . had observed near the coast of Perth . . . Her description suggested a ropen, even bigger than the one seen by Hodgkinson.” “ . . . The couple was taking a walk in December of 1997, at 10:30 p.m., (in Southwestern Australia) . . . when they saw . . . something in the sky. As it drew closer . . . it shocked them with a “lizard appearance” and a wingspan of thirty to fifty feet. “. . . Whatever people may think, the fact remains that my husband and I both saw that creature. My husband, being a scientist, took in things from the sighting that I was far too amazed/stunned to take in . . .” “We do know that it was definitely a living creature. . . . very big . . . looking at it from the ground as it soared over to the right of us. We would not have been able to see what it was if the ground lighting had not lit its underside as it was a huge dark shape in the night sky.”
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Sightings in Australia - Soaring pterosaurs Down Under
The huge ropen of the the southwest Pacific may be similar to this featherless flying creature of Cuba.
Whitcomb on expedition in Papua New Guinea
First Page of Chapter 4
Searching for Ropens and Finding God nonfiction paperback
Brian Hennessy, an eyewitness of a large “primitive” flying creature on the island of Bougainville
Like Hennessy, this man also saw a big “primitive” flying creature in New Guinea decades ago.