Quoting from the third chapter, first page: “. . . when I received an email from Duane Hodgkinson, I thrilled in his account of a giant flying creature that was clearly unlike any bird or bat.. . . .” “ . . . I [Hodgkinson] was stationed in Finschhafen, New Guinea, with the U.S. military. While there, I made several trips into some of the surrounding native villages with a friend of mine . . . On this one particular trip . . . [We saw] a pterodactyl take off from the ground and then circle back overhead and to the side, giving us a perfect side view which clearly showed the long beak and appendage protruding from the back of its head” “. . . I had assumed, at first, that Hodgkinson had no memory of legs or feet, but he later revealed that he saw the creature running for several steps to get airborne, revealing that the long tail was indeed a tail and not legs; he just remembered few details about the legs and feet. . . . .”
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Sighting in World War II: Giant “pterodactyl” in 1944
World War II veteran Duane Hodgkinson, who witnessed a large “pterodactyl” in New Guinea in 1944, just west of Finschhafen
Author on an expedition in Papua New Guinea
First Page of Chapter 3
Searching for Ropens and Finding God cryptozoology book
Photo by Jonathan D. Whitcomb, 2004
In recent decades, Duane Hodgkinson has been a flight instructor.
Garth Guessman on an expedition with other members of the Monsterquest team
Garth Guessman (L.) interviewed Duane Hodgkinson in 2005.