Quoting from this chapter about American pterosaur sightings: “On a pleasant day in June of 2012, I walked into the sheriff’s station in Lakewood, California, two miles northeast of my home in Long Beach. I knew better than to tell a police officer of my concerns about the safety of family pets, now that pterodactyls had invaded the community. Nobody knows better than I: Avoid that word and avoid uttering the unforgivable word “dragon.” Yet there I was, holding onto the numbered tag as I waited for my turn, the moment when I would walk up to the window and tell the police officer . . . well, tell him something. . . .” “I would not expect you to take this book seriously if it began with a modern living pterosaur sitting on a phone line in a backyard just three miles from the house of the author. I’m still struggling with that concept myself, and I am more at ease with the subject than anybody else on the planet . . . not including crazy people.”
Copyright 2014  Jonathan David Whitcomb
Pterosaurs in the USA: starting the twenty-first chapter
An unfortunate cat, stuck in the storm channel where a large “dragon- pterodactyl” was witnessed in the otherwise peaceful community of Lakewood, CA
Author on an expedition in Papua New Guinea
Beginning of Chapter 21
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The eyewitness chose the third crude sketch for the end of the tail of the flying creature she had seen perched only a little over her head, in Lakewood, California, in June of 2012: a “dragon” or “pterodactyl.”
Caught by the auto- matic game camera, the author Jonathan Whitcomb is seen gazing into the storm channel near where a “pterodatyl” was reported in daylight.