Quoting from this chapter about pterosaur sightings on Umboi Island: “. . . Paul [Nation] and I began planning a video documentary with footage from two expeditions. Selling the videos seemed an ideal way to fund an expedition in 2004, and I was delighted to see the interview videos. . . .” “On the five videotapes [Paul Nation of Texas] sent me, native testimonies [from Umboi Island] proved a treasure: Thirteen islanders described their knowledge on camera, with ten reporting what they actually saw . . . I found those ten accounts highly credible: convincing honest demeanor with little chance for misidentifying common birds or bats . . .” “. . . Eunice, a school teacher’s wife, described to Carl Baugh an attempted grave robbery. One night, in April of 1993, near the northwest coast of Umboi, Island, after a large funeral procession arrived at the burial location . . . a flying creature [approached] . . . About two hundred mourners were awake when it flew overhead. The islanders banged pots and yelled, whereupon the intruder flew into a nearby swamp. . . .”
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Eyewitnesses on Video: First page of second chapter
Native eyewitness shows the flight path of the ropen over the village on Umboi Is.
Author on an expedition in Papua New Guinea
Beginning of Chapter 2
Searching for Ropens and Finding God amazing nonfiction
Lake Bono, Umboi Is., Papua New Guinea
Author examines a storm channel in Lakewood, Calif.
Garth Guessman on an expedition that was sponsored by the History Channel: “Monsterquest”
Another crater lake on Umboi Island, PNG, where the ropen is sometimes observed