These two pages of the Acknowledgements gives only brief glimpses of what comes up in the book. I had no idea that a British biologist had seen strange flying lights on the mainland of New Guinea, until the British cryptozoology researcher Richard Muirhead found an old book in a used book store. Until Muirhead told me of his discovery, I had never heard of Evelyn Cheesman. How indebted I am to the countless eyewitnesses who have reported to me their encounters in North America! Searching for Ropens and Finding God would not be nearly as substantial a book without those courageous persons who came forward to tell me about what they saw.
Copyright 2014  Jonathan David Whitcomb
How much we owe to so many! Thank you.
The above sketch was drawn by Eskin, a few minutes after he had encountered the two strange creatures.
Author on an expedition in Papua New Guinea
Second page of the Acknowledgements
Garth Guessman, in the Monsterquest pterosaur expedition
The U. S. Marine Eskin Kuhn witnessed two of the flying creatures that we now call “ropens” in the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, military area in 1971, and sketched the “pterodactyls” with- in minutes.
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