The acknowledgements part of a book can be challenging for the author to write. How could I include every person who contributed to my own life, helping my in countless ways to prepare for my 2004 pterosaur expedition in Papua New Guinea? I had to mention only some of the names of those who helped me throughout my life. In addition, I feel that every page of a book should give some benefit to the readers, even the acknowledgements section. That’s why I used the two pages to introduce elements of the history of searches for modern pterosaurs, with details that could interest readers in general, a sort of prelude to the introduction.
Copyright 2014  Jonathan David Whitcomb
Gratitude for those who made the investigations possible
The above sketch was drawn by Patty Carson herself, from what she encountered at the Guantanamo Bay military installation
Author on an expedition in Papua New Guinea
First page of the Acknowledgements
Searching for Ropens and Finding God
Years before this photo was taken, Patty was in Cuba as a child. There she saw the same kind of flying creature that the U.S. Marine Eskin Kuhn would see a few years later: an apparent pterosaur or ropen.
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