Searching for Ropens and Finding God
A Quest for Discovering Modern Pterosaurs
From the author, Jonathan David Whitcomb
This is not a quest to save religion in a losing battle against science. It’s more to save real science from the pseudo-religious malignancy labeled “science” that shows itself in various symptoms, including reciting old extinction dates as if they repudiate human experience. Put simply, “Trust one eyewitness of a plane crash over the imaginations of 100 professors who’ve agreed how that kind of plane should fly.” This is not to promote one narrow religious perspective. It’s more to promote an objective evaluation of many years of work by my associates and me, a fair look at interviews and writings of those who have risked their health and even their lives in exploring remote areas in Papua New Guinea. The eyewitnesses we’ve interviewed have a variety of religious beliefs, a fact that is unmentioned by skeptics who’ve ridiculed what they believe are our religious beliefs. This book is not for proving a young age of the earth. It’s more to prove that those who hold onto origin beliefs differing from others, those often labeled “young earth creationists,” can conduct objective investi- gations, even valid scientific investigations of eyewitness reports of sightings of these apparent modern pterosaurs. With that said, the worldwide Flood of Noah is offered as a more reasonable explanation for the life of two basic types of living pterosaurs, when compared with standard models.
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