Tutor can Give Chess Lessons in Holladay, Utah

Instruction available by Jonathan Whitcomb

I can drive to your home or to a public park or library, if you’re in the city of Holladay or in one of many other cities and communities in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah. Since I live in Murray, it’s only the outermost areas of the valley that might incur a travel charge in addition to the $25-per-lesson regular charge. Yet even if you live in Riverton or Magna or outside the Salt Lake Valley, we might still arrange to meet at a public library or park that is convenient to both of us, so that there is no travel charge.

Improving Your Ability to Win a Chess Game

If you’re reading this, you may have considered taking private chess lessons. If so, what first caused you to consider that way of learning chess? Was it a friend or family member that always beats you in the royal game or usually wins against you, causing you to want to learn to play better? I may be able to help you. Yet improving and winning more games of chess—that will best come with continuing those games with a friend or family member, as you compete between private lessons.

I, Jonathan Whitcomb, can help you learn modern chess notation, if you don’t yet know it. Knowing how to record the moves will allow you to go over your games later, and this is especially important during our chess lessons. We can talk about the good moves, and the bad ones, that were made by you and by your opponent. That’s when improvement can be significant and most rapid.

Jonathan Whitcomb, chess tutor living in Murray, Utah

Chess instructor Jonathan Whitcomb, in a short instructional video


Most Efficient Method of Using Private Chess Lessons

Whether you live in Holladay or in another community in the Salt Lake area of Utah, you may want to keep the following two points in mind, to get the most from private lessons.

  • Be willing to record each game of chess you play
  • Be open to giving up bad habits in your games of chess

The second one is not limited to blunders that may include allowing your opponent to capture one of your pieces without any compensation to you. Some chess players have gotten into a bad habit involving how they develop pieces in the opening. One of these mistakes is trying to get one or both of rooks moved out into the center of the board early in the game. This is almost always a serious mistake in strategy.

A regular lesson session is one hour, which may be enough time for me to play a game of chess with you. Yet this is not commonly a good use of the lesson time. After you learn how to record the moves of your games, we can go over them together. This will very likely be a better use of time than for us to play chess during lessons.

There may be an exception, however. If you rarely have the opportunity to play chess with a friend or family member, then we may need to play against each other, or at least simulate part of a chess game in playing against each other. We can talk about that if need be. I want you to get the most benefit possible from private chess lessons.

Phone me at 801-590-9692 or ask whatever question you like by email.



Chess Lessons for Salt Lake Valley

Jonathan Whitcomb, author of Beat That Kid in Chess, is now offering lessons in the Salt Lake Valley, with no travel charges for him to drive to your location, if you live in the central communities of the SLV. . . . his playing strength is well within the top .04% of those living in the state of Utah.

Utah – Chess Lessons by Whitcomb

Your chess instruction will be precisely arranged according to your individual needs, to most effectively help you improve in your chess-playing abilities.

Chess can be Taught in Cottonwood Heights

The chess tutor is also available in West Valley City, Midvale, West Jordan, Taylorsville, Holladay, Murray, etc.

Utah Chess Tutor in Salt Lake Valley

He impressed me with how quickly he learned both the rules of the game and important points about how to play well. In fact, he was making some good moves (and a respectable number of average moves) before he learned all the rules.


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