A Quest for Discovering Modern Pterosaurs “Settle into a comfortable chair and prepare for what may become the most unsettling scientific discovery since Galileo and Copernicus. This true story takes you into the expeditions that began to prepare the Western world for a discovery . . . “Following their faith in the Bible, a few Americans have searched for living dinosaurs and pterosaurs, especially in Africa and in Papua New Guinea. This book demolishes the ‘universal extinction’ dogma, the idea that all species of pterosaurs must be extinct. . . .” Searching for Ropens and Finding God - fourth edition 2014 paperback by author Jonathan David Whitcomb Nonfiction cryptozoology book with some references to religion 360 pages; EAN13 (ISBN-13): 9781502865526 Suggest retail price: $17.50 (US) - available online (Amazon, etc)