LDS author Jonathan David Whitcomb wrote the revised and enlarged fourth edition of the book Searching for Ropens and Finding God
Paperback 6x9 inches 360 pages $17.50 SRP Pub: October, 2014 written by Jonathan David Whitcomb of Murray, Utah This “Bible of modern pterosaurs” is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to be surprised, as you read these true-life accounts of modern living “pterodactyls.”
Copyright 2014  Jonathan David Whitcomb
Whitcomb’s book is nicknamed “the Bible of modern pterosaurs”
The author and his wife, at home in Murray, Utah
From the author: “I have not spent the past 11 years on any hoax. My associates and I have searched for living pterosaurs in the tropical rain forests of Papua New Guinea, for we believe that these nocturnal flying creatures are real animals. . . . Be aware that I believe they are modern pterosaurs. This is non-fiction.” From the book’s Introduction: “When in human history has one person always been wrong? And when one pearl is found in the mud of an old oyster bed, expect another.”
From the back cover (quoting in part): A Quest for Discovering Modern Pterosaurs “A handful of Americans have explored remote jungles in Papua New Guinea, searching for living ptero- saurs, called by most Americans “pterodactyls.” Three Christians—one middle-aged LDS-Mormon high priest and two Protestant young-earth creationists—explored Umboi Island, in two separate expeditions in 2004, interviewing eyewitnesses of a glowing animal of the night: the elusive nocturnal ropen. . . .”
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Jonathan and Gladys
Eyewitness of ropen on Umboi Island
Mesa, too, saw the ropen at a crater lake
Wesley also saw ropen flying in clear daylight af Lake Pung, Umboi, Papua New Guinea
Cliffor Paiva, missile defense physicist, has analyzed the video of the indava light of the mainland of Papua New Guinea. He had no doubt: It could be a bioluminescent glow from modern living pterosaurs.
Compare the ropen to the Sordes pilosus
The eyewitness Brian Hennessy saw what he called a “primitive” flying creature on the island of Bougain- ville, in New Guinea, in 1971. Whitcomb believes it was a long-tailed ropen.
Eyewitness E. Kuhn has been interviewed several times, by phone, by the author, Jonathan Whitcomb
LDS nonfiction author of several books of cryptozoology, incl. Searching for Ropens and Finding God (4th expanded & improved edition, publ in 2014)
Author on an expedition in Papua New Guinea
Nonfiction dragons, or “pterodactyls,” as described by eyewitnesses from around the world, beginning in Papua New Guinea
Expanded fourth edition, published in October, 2014
This was sketched by Patty Carson, who saw the creature, and its teeth, at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in clear daylight. Compare this with the sketch below, by another eyewitness.
Author looks into a storm channel in Lakewood, California, near where a ropen was reported to have flown in mid-2012
Mount Bel, Umboi Is, soon after a ropen sighting in 2004, as the author was on his expedition there (He missed it.)
This was sketched by Eskin Kuhn, who saw the two creatures at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in clear daylight. Compare with the sketch drawn by Patty Carson
Back cover of this, the nonfiction true- life adventure in a cross-genre of spiritual, science, cryptozoology
From Chapter One: “It looked like a dead pterodactyl: not fossil bones but with skin, like it had died recently. Could those creatures, non-extinct, still fly? Although I could not verify the photo was genuine, the idea within that image in a soon-forgotten book would be awakened four decades later, to plunge me into the most dramatic adventure of my life: exploring a remote tropical island, searching for giant living pterosaurs.”
Also from the Introduction in the book: “Believe what you will about modern dragons, about living pterosaurs, about giant glowing ropens. But the power of the testimonies of the eyewitnesses I’ve encountered,  over the past ten years,  including many credible natives I met on Umboi Island, makes that flying creature as real to me, almost, as if I had stared a ropen in the face. How can I deny the credibility of the eyewitnesses I have interviewed? With no other reasonable explanation, I now believe in modern dragons, in living pterosaurs, in giant glowing ropens.” [Read the book and discover why the author believes in them so strongly.]
Read about what this World War II veteran said about the huge “pterodactyl” he and his army buddy saw in a jungle clearing near Finschhafen, New Guinea, in 1944.
Searching for Ropens and Finding God, 3rd edition
Book Applause
From two of the first readers to get their hands on a copy of the book: “. . . once you start flipping through it, it's very hard to put down. I can't wait to read the whole thing.” Richard Dobbs, North Carolina. “Hi Jonathan, I just finished your book. . . . What an adventure you went on, you're very brave. . . . I myself look to science to answer questions but I keep an open mind because if there's one solid belief that I have, it is of how little we really know. Life is such a magical mystery, I just keep looking for clues and following my heart. . . .”  Racel Sopoco, Canada
2nd 2004 expedition: Garth Guessman, one of the two Americans who explored Umboi Island a few weeks after Whitcomb’s expedition in 2004.
     David Woetzel Read how the above explorer observed a strange flying light, one night, on Umboi Island, in 2004, and why it was not any meteor or “shooting star.” Get the details in Searching for Ropens and Finding God, third edition.
Paul Nation, of Texas, helped Whitcomb to prepare for the first 2004 expedition. In turn, Whitcomb was able to help find the funding Nation needed for the historic 2006 expedition on the mainland of Papua New Guinea.
Patty Carson, as a child, witnessed one of the large flying creatures at Gitmo, Cuba (Guantanamo Bay) around 1965. Her sketch, drawn more recently, shows a resemblance to the sketch drawn by the United States Marine Eskin, Kuhn, who drew his own sketch within minutes of his sighting in 1971.
Guessman interviewed the flight instructor, Duane Hodgkinson, in 2005, confirming the credibility of this man who witnessed the huge “pterodactyl” in 1944 in New Guinea. Get the details in the nonfiction spiritual/ true-life adventure/ cryptozoology book Searching for Ropens and Finding God. (fourth edition)
This non-fiction book, by an L.D.S. author, is not a promotion for a young universe. It promotes cooperation between persons of various faiths and origin philosophies. With that said, a small part of the book makes it clear that certain Bible accounts, such as the Flood of Noah, are in harmony with the reality of modern pterosaurs and that strict naturalism philosophy is out of harmony with them.
The investigations have come about through combined efforts of persons from a variety of religious faiths: a Mormon, many Baptists, other Christians, & those of other traditions and backgrounds from around the world. Thank you!
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