Pterosaur Sightings in the United States of America
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From the nonfiction book Searching for Ropens and Finding God
Lakewood, California On a pleasant day in June of 2012, I walked into the Sheriff station in Lakewood, California, two miles northeast of my home in Long Beach. I knew better than to tell a police officer of my concerns about the safety of family pets now that pterodactyls had invaded the community. Nobody knows better than I:  Avoid that word  and avoid uttering  the unforgivable word “dragon.” Yet there I was, holding onto the numbered tag as I waited for my turn, the moment when I would walk up to the window and tell the police officer . . . well, tell him something. Rhode Island “Hi, I have seen a pteradactyl in my backyard. It was the second week of October [2001], and I was having a cigarette on the back deck of my house. It was a cold night, and I heard a loud whooshing noise moving in the air to my right. I saw a huge pteradactyl. It circled my house six times and once it turned its head and looked at me. . . .”  [wingspan est: ~15 feet] New Jersey “In the summer of 2009 I saw something that I didn’t quite understand, in the pinelands of New Jersey. I thought about it, but thought I was seeing things.  The following year, on the same stretch of highway, I definitely saw something clearly and without doubt. Since then until now, when I read your article, I thought I was crazy.  [I think the crazy feeling was before he read my article.] “I saw a giant batlike bird, dark brown,  without feathers,  something prehistoric with a long thin head, a long tail, kind of leathery dark brown skin. The body seemed to be the size of a good sized man. The wing span, maybe 12-15 feet across. . . . “ Virginia In July of 2012, I received an email from a man who had two recent sightings in central Virginia. “. . . a couple of weeks ago, by myself I saw two flying. Then this Sunday in about the same place, my daughter and I saw one fairly close up, flying in the opposite direction. These were all seen while [I was] traveling on a highway. “The most obvious feature was the diamond or spade tipped tail, I have not found any creature that compares . . .” North Carolina A few years after my expedition in Papua New Guinea, after American eyewitnesses had been reporting to me their encounters in our own country, I wondered why I had no news from North Carolina; I had published details about sightings in Virginia and in South Carolina. I had little time to wonder. In October of 2010, I received an email from a lady who had read my blog post about a sighting in St. Louis. She was driving, five days earlier, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, when she saw something huge flying overhead: “pale greenish white and smooth-skinned.” It appeared feather- less and had a “tail with the diamond shape on the end . . .” South Carolina Sometimes my interviewing abilities are unimpressive. Most of my email communications with this eyewitness [Susan Wooten: sighting in a remote areas of South Carolina] were in the fall of 2007 and in February of 2008. She did participate in radio and podcast talk shows with me in 2013, and in one of them I learned that she had seen something like claws in the middle of the wings. I had failed to catch that in the earlier interviews. Georgia Early in 2011,  I received  a second-hand report  about  a lady  who encountered  a “mutant pterodactyl” that flew at high speed alongside her car one night near Atlanta. Its body was said to be “at least five feet long, and it made a sound like “loud high-pitched squealing.” I took note that it was said to have “a long curved beak.” Florida I have also received reports from courageous eyewitnesses in Florida. In May of 2010, a lady reported a sighting on the Live Pterodactyl blog, a 1995 encounter in Pensacola: “. . . at 5 a.m. I saw this huge bird with bat wings, at least a 20 ft wing span, flying towards me. I just turned and ran screaming into the house. The shadow it threw covered the driveway. Of course my husband didn’t believe me. He said it must have been a huge vulture. . . .” Alabama The moon illuminated the trees by a house in Alabama one night, in October of 2009, when two men on the porch were shocked by what flew 75 feet overhead, yet it was the flood light that lit up the belly of the creature. The man reporting the sighting was sure it was no hawk, no eagle, no vulture. The wingspan appeared to be at least three feet, similar to the size of many birds, but this thing had a shape like a bat “with the break in the wings like bats have.” The men were familiar with common birds; this was different. . . . [The above quotations are from the third edition; the fourth edition might vary slightly from the wording in the above quotations, but it is expanded in scope, especially in the appendix.] ### Many other sighting reports are covered in the book, including sightings in Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Kansas, California, and many other states of the United States of America.
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Two eyewitnesses of a large flying creature seen over Grantsville, Utah - Youtube video
World War II veteran interviewed - in 1944, he and his army buddy witnessed one huge “pterodactyl” flying up from a jungle clearing west of Finschhafen, New Guinea - Video on Youtube includes part of his testimony 
Pterosaur sighting in California in 2012 - Jonathan Whitcomb became convinced that the lady had seen a ropen in Lakewood